Spiritual Wellness Day

Spiritual Wellness Day

"Updating Our Relationship With the Earth – Coming Back to True Home"

As a species we are currently in the middle of a paradigm shift from the old competition-based world-view to a more unified cooperation-based world-view. Many people are tuned into the global issues, want to take action and be part of the solution, but may not know where to begin. Among many other things the new paradigm means that to effect change on the planet, we must begin with ourselves.

As we heal and transform ourselves, we powerfully effect change and healing in the collective energy field. Each person operating from their own highest potential and truth is the guiding light of the new paradigm.

Join us for this inspiring and transformative day to:

⦁increase awareness of your individual psychic space and internal environment, taking ownership of your own energy

⦁increase your awareness of being part of a global community, an organic ecosystem of beingness, recognising your part in the bigger picture

⦁move your body with awareness and intention towards nurturing a more conscious relationship with yourself and the Earth

⦁heal and unify ourselves as a group, empowering each other to take action from a space of love

⦁become uplifted and healed with sound therapy and ceremony


The wellness day takes place in a beautiful location in a sacred yurt in Wivelsfield Green. You will be held in the nurturing embrace of the Metta Community (the community of loving-kindness). This day is a follow up to the retreat we had on Sept 8 & 9 weekend.

Look for the Metta Community page on FB

Saturday / Oct 27 activites


10am: Ali opens the Circle and welcomes everyone, creating a safe and loving space. Introductions.

10.30am: Janno brings the group inward to a silent space of awareness of our own energy and space. Nurturing an awareness of psychic boundaries.

The grounding meditation will bring the group into a space of awareness and ownership of our  individual energy fields. This awareness may include strong emotions about the Earth or not depending on each individual's unique passions, but it will light up the issues and the truth in one's energy field. The invitation here is to explore one's own truth versus losing oneself in the jungle of everyone else's energies and voices.

The underlying truth here is that the macrocosm, the world around us, is a reflection of the microcosm. The world we see and create around us is a reflection of our inner worlds. The toxic behaviour towards the planet is a reflection of our toxic relationship with ourselves.

11.30am: Tea break - refreshments provided

12pm: Liz brings the group to an awareness of the global issues and seeing ourselves as part of a larger whole. Through the constellation we get to see and experience what we most resonate with on a global scale. This lights up the core energetic patterns underlying the ecological challenges the planet is facing.

1pm: Lunch (bring lunch to share)

2pm: We have a general discussion group to process what has been lit up and consider practical solutions. We offer each other support here.

3pm: Helen leads us through an hour of connective dance, the Vital Danza.

Helen will guide us into an embodied experience of True Home.  Becoming more familiar with the landscape of our physical sensations we can feel more at home in our bodies.  Feeling safe and grounded in the Earth Element of our body we can move into healthy, interconnected, loving relationship to the local and global communities around us.  Helen has been facilitating growth and transformation through sacred dance and movement for 10 years.

4pm: Tea break & relaxation - refreshments provided

5pm: Finally we heal and unify the group with Ali's Metta Morph session.

6pm: Ending the day with a sound therapy session for an uplifting finale. Closing of the Circle with a Water Blessing ceremony.

7pm: Home time.

Participation fee: £75 for the whole day. Sliding scale available, contact Janno.

When: Oct 27, from 10am to 7pm.

Where: 14 Baldings Cottages, Green Road, Wivelsfield Green, East Sussex, RH17 7QD

Spaces are limited to 15 guests. For booking and more information, please contact Janno ... janno@helloessencejoy.com ... 078 353 727 55

Social Media: Register for the event on Facebook by clicking here.

About the wellness day.

Just as all of nature needs sunlight to grow, so all living beings need love and spiritual validation to grow and progress on their spiritual paths. The Spiritual Wellness Day is about giving and receiving love. Such love is what nurtures you to your highest potential and allows you to create at your most prosperous levels.

The definition of wellness is quite frankly ‘being well’. It is the harmonic relationship that exists when your chakras spin clearly without obstructions and when there’s an optimal communication between your natural body and your spiritual body. You come to a harmonic through a healing. Imagine your body like a musical instrument – you too sometimes need a tune up.


Ali McNab - Metta Morph
Janno Õnneleid - Energywork meditations
From L to R: Janno, Ali, Liz & Helen

The venue: