Hello EssenceJoy Healing Centre

The healing centre is located in Eastbourne, UK, and is a space for intuitive training, meditation classes and intuitive sessions.

It is a fun and supportive space to get to know your own energy and work with others who are also looking to have fun with exploring their own energy.

The centre is a seminary of the Sanctuary of EssenceJoy.



Meditation classes

'Meditation 1' and 'meditation 2' are the pre-requisites to the 1-year intuitive training program, One-to-One and the Trance Medium program.

Intuitive training

12-month intuitive training program designed to help you to learn to hone your clairvoyance and to give professional readings and healing.

Healing classes

'Healing 1' is your starting point to getting to know your healing capacity.

One-to-One program

This is a 16 class program where you can explore your own personal Universe. You are working from the eighth chakra and sessions are one-to-one with a teacher with bi-monthly group clearing sessions.

Men's energy

This class is for men to get to know their focused energy.

Women's energy

This class is for women to get to know their creative energy.

Trance medium program

Learn to work with your Crown chakra. This is a two and a half year program where you get to know your trance medium abilities.

About the Hello EssenceJoy Healing Centre

The healing centre was founded by Janno and is a space for intuitives to come and be in validation. It is a space to receive training or simply work with others through clinics, seminars or workshops. Based on the simple truth that joy is of essence.