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Choose from the menu on the left the session that is best suited for you in this moment. Read below about the available services.

Intuitive readings

Intuitive reading

An intuitive reading where you get to be seen and ask questions.

Aura reading

Have your aura looked at.

All-round reading package

Have six specific areas looked at.

Mediumship reading

Communicate with a guide.

Intuitive healing

Intuitive healing

Like an intuitive reading except that focus is on giving a healing rather than communication.

Female healing

Wonderful healing for the female body.

Supreme Being healing

Especially powerful when dealing with a chronic block or a serious illness.

Land / house / object clearing and healing

Have you property cleared of any unwated energy and brought into present time.

Guide healing

In this healing I invite a healing master to work through my hands.

Trance medium healing

Out of body healing with Crown chakra set to white. The most powerful form of healing.

About the process

All readings and healings done by Janno in person or via phone, Skype or email.

Register for a reading by filling in this form, call me or contact by email to book a session now!

To read a little more about how to book a reading and what the process is please click this link.


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