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The premier psychic readings for years. Numerous reading topics: love, career, money, pets, wellness, dreams, angels, guides, aura, your path, transitions, purpose.

Stuck, Unclear, or anxious about a situation? I describe the energy of you and your situation.

New relationship? Job interview? Feels like the ex or boss lives in your head? Curious about how people see you? The list can go on.

Perhaps your life is making changes and you want communication about what you could be manifesting.

Whatever it is, I can see the energy of what’s going on.

The BEST part is, your spirit was seen and there is nothing more validating than that. Someone to see the real magnificent YOU. Sure, I may see all the other people’s energy and problems sitting in your aura… and I can still see your spirit and higher self. In this material and judgmental world, it is rare to really be seen as our divine energy is. It feels GOOD!

PLUS! With each reading you get a specific energy technique ‘Next Step’ specific to you.

EssenceJoy Intuitive Conscious Dreaming Sessions

Janno is an energy intuitive and works with the very natural ability of seeing energy. This is an ability we all have, just not quite everyone has chosen to unwrap it! This ability is a real gift (not in an exclusive sense) as it can help people in their everyday lives.

Just as we all naturally see images when we dream, we also have the potential to see images when we are awake, with eyes open or closed. Everyone has access to this and can learn to trust it. These images, visions and pictures communicate something and have an entirely personal meaning to you – you will know what they are trying to tell you. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a choice because we don’t really trust our own inner knowing or trust what is true for us. Sometimes we are confused because of what other people in our lives mean, think, say, want… Using this ability You can always see without fail what is most true about you / another person and what wants to be seen. You will uncover the truth by just looking in this way.

In a session Janno says hello to your energy and can see it clearly. This clear way of seeing your information sometimes brings resonance, which then has a tremendous healing effect. This is why Janno also needs to take time to work on himself during the session – to allow for the resonance to come forth.

Janno looks at the energy around

your daily life

home / house


how your body is doing, what your body wants or needs

how you are dealing with your emotions / your emotional life

economy / income / work / money

travel, education

wellness / third chakra / dream space


love life / soulmate

your communication space / how you communicate

your ability to see clearly / your psychic abilities

your ability to create more fun, flow, ease and joy where you may be struggling

your dreams

dream interpretation

spirit guides / angels

spiritual / life path


life purpose

He can see

your resources, your potential in any situation

your own information / what is true for you

more optimal ways of learning, growing and choosing

the most optimal choice / what is the priority

what you are working on

what you are releasing and letting go of

what are your dreams, what you actually want

where you are heading / your Next Step

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