Intuitive readings

Intuitive reading

An intuitive reading where you get to be seen and ask questions. You can ask about anything of interest (relationships, career, spiritual path / etc). I might as well just go ahead and reveal that this is also a healing. This is the classic psychic reading. Your questions and needs are the main focus here.

Aura reading

Have your aura looked at. First you get a hello on where you are now and what wants a hello and then looking at each layer of your aura. This is very validating and healing. You will also receive a hello on your next step at the end. You may ask any questions in the end. 

All-round reading package

Have six specific areas looked at:

  • general reading – you now
  • past / present / future reading – where do you like to hang out?
  • past life reading – which one is affecting the present?
  • mediumship – who hangs out around you?
  • reading on your year ahead – what’s in store?
  • Q & A

Mediumship reading

  • communicate with loved ones, pets or a spirit guide
  • channeling: connect with master spirits and receive messages. You may want to connect with the Michael Entity, St. Germain, guardian angel, archangels or a master of your choice.
  • troublesome ‘entity’ removal & facilitating cross-over / move on

Select the length of reading you want ...

How to register?

Register for a reading by filling in the form through here and specify which reading you would like. Then go ahead and select the length of session that you would like ...


Price list

30 minutes: £50

One hour: £100

One and a half hours: £150


Special note

It is understood that economic times are changing and finances vary. Sliding scale fees are available for those who need a session, but can't afford full price. Please contact Janno to come to an agreement.

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