Meditation 1

What the students are saying ...

After attending this meditation, my grounding ability and visualization skill were enhanced. Janno's meditation guidance is very clear and easy to follow. With his energy and probably also the help of spirits, it's very easy to enter the meditative space for me! Every session is a healing, sharing and enhancing gathering. ~Tina, Beijing

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Meditation 1, the 6 week teleclass

You are already intuitive, it is a natural ability. We can call it a vibe, an aura – yes, you already read it.

In this class you, the spirit, take charge of the images you give your energy and attention to. At the very centre of all of these meditations is your imagination.

This 6-week program consists of 6 one-hour sessions that each introduce a different meditation technique, they are as follows:

1. Grounding – learn to release foreign energy and fill with the Golden sun. Find your space! Get some rest!

2. Centering awareness in the middle of head – the seat of clairvoyance

3. Creating and destroying – clearing internal distractions, calling back your energy

4. Running energy – learn to run Earth and Cosmic energies to clear your space, your chakras and aura layers!

5. Setting the energy – set your Crown chakra to Gold and find neutrality

6. Introduction to chakras / aura layers / astral body

More than mere visualization techniques, these are intuitive life skills. You can use these tools to manage everyday life situations. You will find practical application for each technique which are essential for good self-care.

"Can you imagine that space isn't something you give to others – it is something you give to yourself. Now imagine a rose on the edge of your aura."

This is a tele-class and runs over the phone, via conference calls. All you need is a comfortable chair / couch and a headset. Once you register and pay your contribution via the links to the left, you wil be sent the dial-in number and pin code, which are to be used for the class. You can phone in from landline, mobile or Skype …

Classes are running on Saturdays at 7 pm GMT (UK time) beginning June 6, 2020.

Contribution is £200 for the whole 6 weeks. Along with the 6 one-hour meditations each participant also gets a personal energy check on their growth period with the meditation tools, which is a reading as well as a healing. You are welcome to bring your questions!

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