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Healing Centre

The Hello EssenceJoy Healing Centre is located in Haapsalu, Estonia, and is a space for meditation classes, intuitive training and individual sessions. It is a fun and supportive space to explore and get to know your own energy and to work with others. The centre is a seminary of the Sanctuary of EssenceJoy.


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Centre activities

Meditation classes, intuitive training

Lots of classes, workshops, seminars and events to choose from. Click here to check out the options.

Healing clinics

Monthly healing clinic events that are open to healing centre members as well as the public. Click here to register.

Intuitive services

Daily spiritual hellos. You can have a reading or a healing. Click here to book a session.

Read the blog

Click here to open the blog.

"Consider that space isn't something you give to others – it is something you give to yourself. Now imagine a rose on the edge of your aura."


Daily Healing Messages deck published!

The long awaited publication of the Daily Healing Messages deck

Through these cards you will nurture a more loving, more personal, clear, non-denominational and intuitive relationship with Source. The goal is to help increase your trust and confidence in your own Essence, in your own truth and in your own abilities. As your trust in your Essence grows, so does your awareness and the ability to make more conscious choices and as a result you will also be more easily able to create the life that you truly want to live.

Charitable efforts

As a sanctuary we associate with several charities and regularly run clinics to support causes that are meaningful to us.

Regular classes, workshops and seminars
Healing through sound, music and speech
Sanctuary space to serve spirit
Psychic kindergarten space to help you grow through fun
Monthly healing clinics and sanctuary services

Self-healing tip:

Imagine the base of your spine connected into the centre of the planet via a grounding cord.  This grounds your body and allows you more space for your own energy.