Meditation 2

Meditation 2

Meditation 2 builds on the tools that we covered in 'Meditation 1'. You will learn additional valuable tools for navigating your meditation space. It is the next step to the psychic kindergarten.

In 'Meditation 1' you learned the basic tools of clairvoyance. You learned to occupy the body. In 'Meditation 2' you learn about all those influences that take you out of the body. How do you occupy the body? You occupy it by occupying the centre of your head.


Week 1: Your spiritual body, chakras and aura.

Week 2: Corner of room / centre of head / getting some space. Learn to manage pain.

Week 3: Body / spirit communication. Explore some energies that knock you out of body, such as resistance / effort /competition. And energies that support you in the body, such as amusement / forgiveness.

Week 4: Cords / spiritual agreements.

Week 5: Colour exploration / what kind of energy are you running? Havingness.

Week 6: Communicate with the God of your Heart / guides / explore an agreement.


This is a phone class. You may phone in using your landline, mobile or Skype. Just send your payment via the button on the left and register through this form to let us know you are interested. When the payment has been received, you will be sent the registration link. Once you register, the call-in number and pin code is sent to you via email.

Classes run Thursdays at 12 pm GMT beginning May 9 and ending June 13.


The cost of the class is £200 for 6 weeks. Pay through the link on this page.

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