Healing services

What is an intuitive healing? It is a validating space where you are seen for the creative self-healing being that you already are. You might want to try the public healing clinic to get a taster or go ahead and pick your healing below.

Intuitive healing


Intuitive healing

Like an intuitive reading except that focus is on giving a healing rather than communication. The focus is on clairvoyantly finding blockages in your space and providing healing by using powerful visualization techniques.This type of healing incorporates Reiki healing, counselling therapy, Shamanism – any kind of energy healing. Pain, invalidation, foreign energy – whatever is blocking you from having what you want will light up during the session and can be healed, moved out, changed, transformed. A 30 minute healing is for one or two areas of concern and the longer session is if you have more than two areas that you want to have looked at.


Female healing

Wonderful healing for the female body. Female bodies are like magnets, they draw in just about any energy coming from male bodies or other female bodies. In a female healing you willl:

  • receive a female grounding cord,
  • have your female areas cleared from any foreign / negative energy that is a potential for illness,
  • have  your female creative energy updated / released,
  • have pesky baby-beings cleared out and be freed from your mother.

There is an optional Q & A (if you have any questions) at the end. Duration: 30-45 minutes.

Supreme Being healing

This is highly effective and powerful healing for those who are very ill, in need of deprogramming or troublesome entity-removal. I will hook you up to your highest source, which will then do all the healing work. In this format I am not using my hands, but will do this entirely via visualization, so it can be done distant via phone, Skype or any other means.


Land / house / object clearing and healing

Have you property cleared of any unwated energy and brought into present time. Good to do if you suspect foreign energies, past realities or beings around. This is to clairvoyantly help clear your space from any energy that is not in present time or energy that is out of alignment with your own goals / intentions / highest good.

Guide healing

In this healing I invite a healing master to work through my hands.

Trance medium healing

Out of body healing with Crown chakra set to white. The most powerful form of healing.

How to register?

Register for a healing by filling in the form through here and specify which healing you would like. Then go ahead and select the length of session that you would like ...


Price list

30 minutes: €90

One hour: 180

One and a half hours: €270

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