About booking a reading

Reading – the process

The process has a very clear format, which assures clarity for everyone.

Readings are done with me, Janno, via Skype, phone or in person in my office, at the healing centre. You can find my Skype username in the contact info. If it’s a phone session, I will phone you. There is an additional charge of up to £10 for the call – depending on the length of the session. You can have your session recorded. In person sessions are done at the healing centre here in Eastbourne.

Read this article for what you need to know prior to your session.

The session runs from set time to set time. If something does not get covered within the set time – it will have to be addressed in another session. So, be on time or re-schedule promptly if you need to.

Please keep all your questions to the session itself. That is, do not tell me your questions prior to or after the session. If you do, the clarity of the reading can become compromised. It is only within a reading that questions can be addressed with utmost clarity and certainty.

What to ask?

You can ask anything! But please be sure to have clear questions and ask those questions! Vague questions get vague answers. While I am doing my own bit of detective work to find out what the real underlying issues are, I’m not going to know all of your questions. Also be aware that a reading is a mutual growth and learning experience: I don’t do predictions or answering other people’s questions for you. The reading must be focused on You, your life and your issues in present time – this is where all the growth is!

Register to book a spot

Once you have decided which session you want, please register by filling in this contact form. In the comment please specify which reading you would like. And then go ahead and pay for the length of reading that you want.

Making payments

Payments are preferably made prior to the session, but I may also accept payment following a session if you’ve already paid a deposit and are not sure how long a reading you want. Deposit is £20. You pay by Paypal or bank transfer. Paypal is a quick and easy way to pay and is just as safe as paying by card. My Paypal email is janno.kondrashev@mail.ee.

Looking forward to meeting you, seeing and working with your wonderful energy!

In addition, please also check out the terms of service agreement.

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