The Sanctuary of EssenceJoy

The Sanctuary of EssenceJoy is a non-denominational church established in Jan 2016 by Rev. Janno Õnneleid. It is a sanctuary space for intuitives to come and work together and to receive validation of one's spiritual nature from within.

The Sanctuary of EssenceJoy is a space to receive validation. It is based on the recognition that you are a spiritual being and you have your own truth, your own information. The sanctuary space opens up the opportunities for you to receive validation from within, from the recognition of yourself as a spiritual being.

A sanctuary

for intuitives

The sanctuary is non-denominational and was founded on the four pillars that nurture the joy of spirit:

Selfless service

The sanctuary is a charity / non-profit organization and all the donations go towards several charities. Food feeds the natural body, but it is selfless service that feeds the spiritual body.


Activity of the Healing Centre: meditation, classes, intuitive training, seminars, workshops and intuitive services. This is the teaching-learning process.

Devotional singing

Daily, weekly and monthly gatherings to sing. We create our own music and sing divine songs that are meant to uplift, clear and heal the energy of the group.

Audience with the Divine

Psychic fairs, seminars, open therapy days and Supreme Being healing clinics open to the public.

You can heal yourself. It begins with having your spirit validated.

All bodies are self-healing. The purpose of a spiritual healing is to validate the spirit and the spirit will heal the body. You get a hello on where you are stuck and get the energy moving again. It's that simple.

Church membership

You can join the sanctuary and participate in our activities. Just fill in the contact form by following the link below.