Unified Field Wellness Clinic

Unified Field Wellness Clinic


A truly unique and one of its kind event, this clinic opens the space for you to connect with the Divnity, healing and answers within You.


Unified Field means Source, the One-ness, the connectedness between all people, animals, nature, the planet, the Universe.

You already have within you all the answers and healing that you need, but conditioning and limiting beliefs from this lifetime or others may be keeping you stuck.


Use the time in the clinic to go within and to receive answers and healing that you seek.


Please come without expectations or preconceived notions about what you will find here or how your healing should look. Instead be open as a child to how healing actually wants to happen for you. Source knows what is best for you and always delivers as needed.


Unified Field means Source, the One-ness, the connectedness between all people, animals, nature, the planet, the Universe. When you enter the Unified Field, you will experience yourself as part of an intricate network of being-ness. It is always very present and alive in the moment. You can always lean into this Field for healing, reassurance and answers.


We begin with a meditation to ground and release anything that is old or excess and anything that may have been weighing you down or holding you back from living at your highest potential. Following the meditation everyone will have about a minute with Janno as needed. You will be sitting in front of him while he says hello to your Divine Self, the God-of-Your-Heart. Use this time to communicate with Source within you.


After you have received your 'hello', you are free to either remain in the meditation hall to meditate and reflect or join in in some of our volunteering opportunities.



Our mission: This is a free event and everyone is welcome! As a Sanctuary we support various charities that encourage wellbeing for people, animals and nature. We humbly accept your donations to support with our mission.


When: Currently running every first Wednesday of the month. Dates for upcoming clinics are: Nov 1 and Dec 6.


Where: Location is the Pannarai Therapy Space, 20 South Street, Eastbourne, UK.

About the healing clinic.


Just as all of nature needs sunlight to grow, so all living beings needs love and spiritual validation to grow and progress on their spiritual paths. The Unified Field Wellness Clinic is about giving and receiving love. Such love is what nurtures you to your highest potential and allows you to create at your most prosperous levels.


The definition of wellness is quite frankly ‘being well’. It is the harmonic relationship that exists when your chakras spin clearly without obstructions and when there’s an optimal communication between your natural body and your spiritual body. You come to a harmonic through a healing. Imagine your body like a musical instrument – you too sometimes need a tune up.










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