Living Your Greatest Purpose Retreat

Living Your Greatest Purpose – a weekend retreat


A truly unique and one of its kind event, this retreat opens the space for you to connect with the Divinity, healing and answers within You.


It is about accessing the Unified Field, which means Source, the One-ness, the connectedness between all people, animals, nature, the planet, the Universe.

You already have within you all the answers and healing that you need, but conditioning and limiting beliefs from this lifetime or others may be keeping you stuck.


This retreat opens the space for you to go within and to receive the answers and healing that you seek.


Located in a beautiful, natural area we will immerse ourselves in 2 days of various healing therapies and group activities that are centered around creating a new, more conscious relationship with ourselves, our communities and the planet below our feet.


There are energywork meditations, group healing sessions, yoga, vital danza, nutrition awareness and devotional singing. You will be working with several facilitators. The main purpose of these workshops is to build a sense of community and support while you explore your own unique Life Task, aka life purpose.


The core of the retreat are the energywork meditations, which build up in levels. You will be introduced more and more advanced techniques as you progress from one meditations to another and at the end of the retreat you will give yourself a Christ Healing.


Retreat schedule


Day 1 – Saturday acitivites


8 am – Arrival and set up

9 am – Introductions

10 am – Morning meditation with Janno; Level 1: Grounding and setting energy

11 - 11.30 am – Break

11.30 - 12.30 – Yoga with Diana

12.30 - 1.30 pm – Lunch

1.30 - 2.30 pm – Metta Morph group healing with Ali

2.30 - 3 pm – Break

3 - 4 pm – Relaxation, garden and outdoor time

4 - 5 pm – Energywork meditation with Janno, Level 2: Running Your Energy

5 - 6 pm – Vital Danza with Helen

6 - 7.30 pm – Break

7.30 - 8.30 pm – Bhajans, devotional singing

8.30 - 9 pm – Optional: closing the day with meditation


Day 2 – Sunday / deepening the silence


8 - 9 am – Sitting in a circle and connecting with the group

9 - 10 am – Energywork meditation with Janno, Level 3: Aura and chakra awareness, your psychic space

10 - 11 am – Yoga with Diana

11 - 11.30 – Break

11.30 - 1 pm – Individual healings, each retreat participant receives a healing from one of the facilitators / healers

1 - 2 pm – Nutrition awareness with Dawn

2 - 3 pm – Lunch break

3 - 4 pm – Silent time in the garden

4 - 5 pm – Energywork meditations with Janno, Level 4: Giving yourself a Christ healing, inviting the Infinite Soul energy into your life

5 - 6 pm – Sitting in silence and in presence with one another, allowing for the healings to be integrated

6 - 7 pm – Break

7 - 8 pm – Bhajans, devotional singing

8 - 9 pm – Closing the retreat with ceremony


Christ consciousness is the same as the Unified Field. It means Source, the One-ness, the connectedness between all people, animals, nature, the planet, the Universe. When you enter the Unified Field, you will experience yourself as part of an intricate network of being-ness. It is always very present and alive in the moment. You can always lean into this Field for healing, reassurance and answers.


In this retreat you will go into a space of silence and will release anything that is old or excess and anything that may have been weighing you down or holding you back from living at your highest potential. The 2-day retreat will be closed by sitting in silence with the group and through this receive a hello to your Divine Self, the God-of-Your-Heart. Use this time to communicate with Source within you.


Ideally you will organise your own accommodation off-site, but if you are not able to return home for the Saturday night, there are accommodation options for up to 10 people on the premises. There aren't rooms, but there is space in a yurt, where up to 8 people can sleep over night in their sleeping bag. Up to 2 people could sleep on the couch in the lounge. And of course, we would like to encourage carpooling to this event and thus will do our best to minimise our carbon footprint.


Participation fee: £100 without accommodation and £125 with accommodation. In either case both breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided by the retreat.


When: September 8 - 9.


Where: 14 Green Street, Wivelsfield Green, Haywards Heath.

About the healing retreat.


Just as all of nature needs sunlight to grow, so all living beings need love and spiritual validation to grow and progress on their spiritual paths. The Unified Field Wellness Retreat is about giving and receiving love. Such love is what nurtures you to your highest potential and allows you to create at your most prosperous levels.


The definition of wellness is quite frankly ‘being well’. It is the harmonic relationship that exists when your chakras spin clearly without obstructions and when there’s an optimal communication between your natural body and your spiritual body. You come to a harmonic through a healing. Imagine your body like a musical instrument – you too sometimes need a tune up.










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