Men's and women's energy

Men's energy



A Men's energy class validates your unique creativity and growth in a male body! In a Men's energy class you will receive information about how you use your male energy, the past lives that are affecting you in the present, and how your belief systems are affecting your personal growth and relationships with the world. All bodies have both female and male energies. In the class we will look at how you use these energies for healing, balance, creativity, and communication. Men's energy class is a great way to learn more about yourself, the spirit, in a male body!


Can you imagine ...


focused male energy / male grounding / instincts / male sexual energy / past lives / belief systems


This is a 4 week program with a class each week and runs on-the-phone.


Cost is £150.


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Women's energy


"A step onto a journey to heal the woman within"


This is a class for your spirit in body to bring healing and transformation into how you work with your intuition. You will work on releasing the energies that no longer serve you and replenish with your own energy that is in harmony with you today.


Tools to:


  • Replenish and nurture the self
  • How to ground your female energy
  • How to release energies that challenge your intuition
  • Learn about the different kinds of intuitive abilities you have
  • Centre and create room to hear versus feeling emotion


Play and amusement are extraordinary energy levels that allow expansion of one’s perspective, thus making it easy to explore the depths and creativity of female energy.  When you can work with the power of this energy, it becomes easier to create, heal and have fun!




Zubin Sherring – Intuitive reader, healer and teacher. Zubin has years of experience with helping women and men connect with their own answers. Director of Clairvoyant Centre of Chicago.


When, where and fees


Series begins Saturday, Sept 23 at 4 pm GMT and lasts about an hour. This is a phone class.


Cost of class is £150 for the 4 weeks and can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal. If you are using Paypal, you can send your payment to and notify that you are paying for Women's Energy.

Eastbourne, UK | +44 78 353 727 55

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